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A'shley here, welcoming everyone, including the allianced guilds, to our domain. I'd like to encourage all of you guys to put your character's, even alt's in the roster page. I know Warfire & Zevahc wanted to find a website with a calendar on it, so here it is :) I'd like to remind everyone, we are a respectful guild, we are here to have fun, so if any drama occurs, let it be dealt with in private. Or let Zero or me deal with it. We are here to kick some imp ass, and have a blast by doing so. So let's keep up the good, hard efforts, and continue building Tri-Force.
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A'shley, Apr 21, 12 11:22 PM.
Heya guys, Ash again because I'm awesome and stuff, but I want to apologize for not being on so much lately, pimpin' ain't easy. But I'd like to set-up a date again to run more of the new world bosses and fp's, so I'll be on everyday till about Wednesday, some old guy is coming to visit me, and I need to be there to change his diapers and spoon feed him some tuna fish. So enjoy the new changes, and if you get the chance to add the Facebook page, it's

Thanks fella's and ladies 

-A <3

Guild Meeting

!!Dagrote!!, Apr 17, 12 2:36 PM.
Guild meeting tonight at 10pm EST on 4/17/12 attendence is required please do not miss it. Several topics will be discussed.


A'shley, Mar 31, 12 4:50 AM.
We have several people not going to be on due to RL things. Dag's going on "vacation" for a week and won't be on, as is Hix. Tuck might be scheduled for a follow-up back surgery, so let's keep him in our thoughts and hope he gets better soon to kick some more ass with us ;)

Friday Drunken Karoake night did not go according to plan last night, my little mac attack has bronchitis and I think I'm starting to get it as well, but Saturday night and Monday, Zero will have the music going through vent and if you haven't signed up for vent yet, the username is: and port number is 29553, so you can join in the drunkenness with us :p


Issues Addressed

A'shley, Mar 29, 12 3:22 AM.
The harassment to the following people does need to stop: Accins, Blunderkeg, Dagoron/Shalth, Drewber, Goal, Grinther, Nomoleste, Supra/Wink and Quinari. They made their own guild, but they were once a part of our guild, we need to humble that matter and move past it. Several attempts and warnings to dissolve certain issues with certain people did not go according to plan, and people left, and joined them. Few were concerned of not having any healers, and joined them. Whatever their reasons were, they were guildees of us once, and we still care about them (unfortunately, even Shalth :p) and wish them nothing but the best of luck. If any of them do try to contact you and harass you, not saying any of them will or would, but let one of the Council Members know, and it will be dealt with, or submit harassment claims. It does not need to be that serious to where one of them gets banned from playing, but no one deserves it as well. Zero has made it clear he does not want any of them joining back though, it should not have happened in the first place, does not need to happen again. But let's play this game to have fun, and forget about all of this, and continue being badasses.  
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